Chocolate Spa Products

Organic Cocoa Foaming Sugar Scrub

Some days you just NEED chocolate and we don’t mean just want..your body craves it. You know what we’re talkin’ about!

Our luxurious new Peruvian Organic Cocoa Sugar Scrub is a decadent marriage of 3 types of sugars including Turbinado Sugar from Hawaii with unrefined Cocoa Butter, & pure spun honey. Experience the fresh real chocolate aroma from pure cocoa butter which then just melts in the skin for a dreamy desert…oh we mean spa treatment. See more at Fresh Spa Magazine

Now have your scrub without the mess of extra oils. Our new Cocoa Foaming Scrub actually emulsifies into a moisturizing lotion in the bath/shower and is easier to use and without the mess of extra oils.

Containing pure Cocoa Butter and select oils to nourish the skin and Fine Sugar to exfoliate and create circulation within the layers of the skin.

Sprinkled throughout with real Peruvian Organic Cocoa bits organically cultivated in the Oxapampa region of Peru for a mild exfoliation while you refresh in your home spa.

Cocoa Body Mask

A weekly mask treatment will give your sluggish complexion an invigorating boost. And the results are instant and dramatic. Masks are the most effective and economical way to build and maintain healthy skin. Masks remove cellular debris that can give skin a dull and gray appearance. Proper masks can firm and clear skin and plump up wrinkles and complete a facial. In fact a regular mask treatment is no longer a luxury but a necessity to combat the adverse effects of daily pollutants on the skin.

Indulge in the guilt-free renewing skin benefits of real Chocolate. Our Organic Dark Chocolate Mask treatment contains Pure Hawaiian cane sugar, premium African Forestero cocoa, and ground chocolate which naturally delivers iron, magnesium, vitamins and antioxidants directly to the skin. Body Systems’ cocoa is packed with essential trace elements, which help stimulate cell renewal, and vitamins, which hydrate the skin. The mask rehydrates, balances and leaves the skin silky smooth and glowing. A fantastic way to enjoy chocolate without feeling guilty.

Size 10oz/$30.00